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Employment problems, serious injuries and fatal accidents can leave a person or their family with a feeling of hopelessness. Bills pile up quickly after these life changing events and most people do not know where to turn. Supporting children, paying funeral costs, or dealing with mounting medical bills after a life-changing event is never easy. When someone is left with no choice but to turn to a lawyer for help, you need to know that the lawyers you hire have the experience and determination to get results.

A Track Record of Success

Christina Humphrey and Tom Rist met while attending law school at West Virginia University College of Law. Both Christina and Tom were born and raised in West Virginia and have spent the last 15 years fine-tuning their litigation skills and representing the underdog in separate careers. At her former firm of Marlin & Saltzman, where she was a partner, Christina Humphrey represented thousands of workers in highly complex cases including class actions, and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from workers. Throughout his career, Tom Rist has worked as a prosecuting attorney and personal injury lawyer successfully trying multiple cases to verdict. Together they have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars throughout our careers in serious cases involving fatalities, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, car accidents, crime victim cases and class actions. Humphrey & Rist merged their talents in June of 2016 and have continued their success in both California and West Virginia. Humphrey and Rist do not back down once they are hired to represent a client. Our promise to every client we represent is that our firm will work tirelessly for you to get results.

With offices in Santa Barbara, San Diego, and West Virginia, we handle cases throughout California and West Virginia, and in many instances, nationwide. To set up a free consultation, call us at (805) 618-2924.