San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

California roadways are the busiest in the country. Drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol make our roadways even more dangerous.

When a car accident happens, choosing the right California car accident attorney to help you with your case can make all of the difference. Humphrey & Rist have a track record of successfully helping clients throughout Central California with serious car, truck and motorcycle accident cases. Our office fights the insurance companies so you don’t have to.

Our lawyers handle the following types of roadway accidents throughout California:

Dealing with a Car Accident Case

Most accident victims are completely overwhelmed after a car accident happens. Insurance claims adjusters call very quickly after the accident and ask to take recorded statements. They will also start to try to settle the case before the accident victim even has a chance to finish completing medical treatment. Make no mistake about it, these companies are not interested in working on the highest possible settlement on your behalf.

When an accident involves a substantial impact, victims can be left with serious injuries and quickly mounting medical bills. Just a single visit to an emergency room where several CAT scans and x-rays are performed can lead to a medical bill in excess of $10,000. To make matters worse, many people have to miss work for a period of time due to the injuries.

Our office helps with this entire process. From dealing with overzealous claim representatives to assisting clients with finding the right treatment, we are here to help so you don’t have to do it alone.

Fatal Accident Cases

The statistics on fatal accidents in California in 2014 are staggering:

  • 3,074 deaths
  • 882 alcohol involved fatalities
  • 519 motorcycle accident fatalities
  • 697 pedestrian fatalities
  • 128 bicycle fatalities

When someone is killed in a car accident their family can be left searching for answers about what to do to move forward and how to recover from such a significant loss. Medical expenses and funeral costs are left to be paid. Drivers who are clearly at fault and sometimes suffered little to no injuries in the accident will challenge their liability through their insurance company and their lawyers. Wrongful death cases are some of the hardest types of cases to handle and sometimes can become quite contentious all the way through trial.

Humphrey & Rist have handled a number of complex cases including cases that involve fatalities. Our attorneys have successfully tried a number of accident cases to verdicts. Our attorneys will not back down from the insurance companies or their lawyers. We fight hard every day for our clients and their families. All of our cases are prepared to go to trial as opposed to prepared to just settle the case.

San Diego, CA Car Accident Lawyers

Our office has represented thousands of individuals. With over 30 years of combined experience working on some of the most difficult cases in multiple jurisdictions, Humphrey & Rist is proud of the work we have done to get client’s lives put back together after an accident happens.

Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with insurance companies. Immediately after an accident the insurance company will attempt to quickly resolve a case and to minimize what they have to pay. When we are hired, our first step is to let the insurance company know that you have a lawyer and that they have to back off. Then, we help our clients to work through their injuries and get the medical treatment that is necessary.

A Record of Fighting Insurance Companies

We never charge a potential client to fully discuss their case. We will take the time to fully examine all of the facts of a case and give you our honest opinion of how we can help you. With offices in Santa Barbara and San Diego, we are conveniently located to serve all of Southern California. For more information or to set up a consultation, call us at (619) 488-6400.