Employment Law

Fresno Jury Awards $7.97 Million in Wrongful Termination Case

Last week a Fresno County jury awarded a former employee $7.97 million in a wrongful termination case filed against Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. According to a story in the Fresno Bee, the employee was terminated after being accused of stealing $626 in cash.  The company alleged that there was video evidence of the theft.  According… read more

9th Circuit Rules on Equal Pay Claims – CA Equal Pay Lawyers

On Monday the Ninth Circuit ruled that employers can’t rely on workers’ past salaries to justify paying women less than men.  The ruling, written by Judge Reinhardt prior to his death, notes that “to allow employers to capitalize on the persistence of the wage gap and perpetuate that gap ad infinitum – would be contrary… read more

Another Silicon Valley Valley Startup Accused of Sexual Harassment

Yet more allegations of sexual harassment inside a Silicon Valley startup were made last week.  This time a complaint was filed in San Francisco Superior Court alleging sexual harassment at BetterWorks. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Complaint is based on allegations of sexual harassment at a company offsite work retreat.  The article cites… read more