Sexual Harassment

Review of Claims of Sexual Harassment Against Government Boards in San Diego County

A review of claims of sexual harassment made against cities, school districts, water boards and other local governments in San Diego County for January 2015 through 2018 showed few complaints of sexual harassment.  A story about the review by the San Diego Union Tribune is here. The results of the study seem shockingly low based… read more

Sexual Harassment Calls Increasing to San Diego Sexual Harassment Lawyers

A story in the Union Tribune about San Diego sexual harassment cases caught our attention yesterday.  The story discussed how local attorneys have seen an increase in phone calls and online inquiries related to sexual harassment.  Starting with the Harvey Weinstein scandal and continuing through Senators, Congressmen and now TV personalities, the last few months have… read more

Another Silicon Valley Valley Startup Accused of Sexual Harassment

Yet more allegations of sexual harassment inside a Silicon Valley startup were made last week.  This time a complaint was filed in San Francisco Superior Court alleging sexual harassment at BetterWorks. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Complaint is based on allegations of sexual harassment at a company offsite work retreat.  The article cites… read more